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Chapter 7 can help individuals, companies in debt

Typically, no one’s goal is to accrue large amounts of debt, but it happens for a variety of reasons. For some people in Pennsylvania, an unanticipated medical problem can cause a person to rack up tens of thousands of dollars of debt, or more. The loss of a job can also result in high amounts of personal debt, or poor economic conditions can cause a business to linger in the red. Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection is available to those who need a way out of their seemingly hopeless debt situations.

Theater files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

People in Pennsylvania may enjoy a night out at the theater -- an opportunity to enjoy creative entertainment while supporting the arts. However, one long-time theater in a different state has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy due to being unable to continue on. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a helpful solution for discharging debts that have become too large to handle.

Chapter 7, 13 bankruptcy may provide needed debt relief

For the average consumer, finances and debt constitute some of the greatest stresses in life. However, debt may be a much larger issue for one person versus another. Those who are facing a sizable amount of debt may benefit from either a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing in Pennsylvania.

Company selling all furniture as part of Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Most business owners in Pennsylvania have dreams of selling plenty of merchandise in order to stay in the black. However, circumstances beyond their control, such as a downturn in the market or other financial problems, could result in them seeking Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. A furniture business in one out-of-state case is in the process of liquidating its assets under the supervision of a Bankruptcy Court after filing for relief.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy provides Pennsylvania residents debt relief

The term "bankruptcy" can seem scary to an individual who fears the consequences of pursuing this type of legal filing. However, the thought of sinking deeper and deeper into unmanageable debt may seem just as frightening. Understanding the ins and outs of Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help a Pennsylvania resident to decide whether choosing this option is right in his or her unique situation.

What are the options for a loan after Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

After financial hardship, especially Chapter 7 bankruptcy, there may be some obstacles in the way of purchasing a home. Some Pennsylvania residents may find themselves able to finally purchase a home as the economy recovers. This may prove troublesome for people who may have had to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy because of the economic downturn.

Not so 'Lucky Man' Eddie Montgomery files for Chapter 7

Most people assume that the only people exempt from the fear of going bankrupt are celebrities. It’s hard not to think that way considering the millions of dollars high-asset people bring in every day. But when mounting debts become larger than assets coming in, the prospect of bankruptcy becomes just as real for them as it would for anyone living here in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania man files for Chapter 7 after his business closes

Any number of situations can drive a person into financial difficulty. As the economy continues slowly recover, many people are still feeling the side effects of the recession and a weak business cycle. When debts reach unsustainable levels, filing for bankruptcy might become the best-available option.

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