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Medical Debt Archives

Medical debt when you cannot work

More and more families in Pennsylvania are finding themselves carrying heavy medical debts. The majority of the time this is very stressful, but it is especially stressful when the debts go unpaid due to the inability to work. Since medical facilities cannot run efficiently without funds, these debts often make their way to collections quickly, which can impact your credit report in a negative way.

Health insurance changes leave patients with unmanageable debt

Having health insurance is no guarantee that you will not be left with unmanageable debt following a serious and unexpected medical condition. Folks in Allegheny County and across the United States are finding that health insurance companies have increased deductibles at a pace that is at least six times faster than the income people are earning.

Ease the stress of medical debt

Medical debt is one of the most common accrued in the state of Pennsylvania, as well as the entire country. It is also perhaps the most stressful, since medical debt is rarely taken on by choice and is instead accrued thanks to an unexpected medical condition. People from all walks of life fall into medical debt, but the poor and uninsured are the most vulnerable. The costs of medical care are only rising, with more people taking on large debts each day.

The problem of medical debt in Pennsylvania

One type of obligation that can have serious financial consequences for people is medical debt incurred due to an unexpected medical problem or accident. While people may pay off the debt or settle with the medical provider or collection agency, the debt may remain on their credit report, negatively impacting their rating for years.

The impact of unpaid medical debts on Pennsylvania residents

Almost half of all accounts that go into collections are medical debt. This makes medical debt the leading reason why one out of every six Americans has a medical debt in collections on their credit report. Having a debt listed as in collection can reduce a person's credit score by as many as 100 points. Those who have higher credit scores are more likely to suffer compared to those who have a lower credit score.

Options when dealing with medical debt

As Pennsylvania residents may know, medical debt may financially burden a family, causing them hardship, and the process of recovering from such financial setbacks may be difficult. In 2012, medical debt affected more than 25 percent of families, and families with children were at higher risk of medical debt.

How Pennsylvania seniors can deal with harassing debt collectors

Elderly people who reside in Pennsylvania and across the nation are increasingly falling prey to harassing debt collectors, some of whom may be using illegal methods in their attempts to collect the debt, according to a recent report. To keep from becoming a victim to an over-bearing debt collector who may be trying to make a profit off them, seniors who feel threatened should be aware of their rights.

Negative consequences of medical debt

For people in Pennsylvania, unexpected medical debt can lead to catastrophic financial effects, even for those who have health insurance. In 2007, for instance, 62 percent of all personal bankruptcy filings resulted from unmanageable medical debts, and most of those people were well-educated homeowners. Of those who filed bankruptcy due to medical debt, three-fourths had insurance.

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