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Thousands of Pennsylvania college students default on loans

It’s a story that is all-too-common in today’s financial climate. Students head off to college with big aspirations, taking on massive student debt they believe they will be able to pay off with the jobs they get with their degrees. Once they graduate, however, they find that they job market is slow at best, forcing them to get jobs that barely cover the cost of living, much less student loans. What’s worse, filing for bankruptcy is rarely an option for student debt relief. As such, more than 25,000 Pennsylvania graduates have defaulted on their student loans.

Skip-tracing errors on unpaid bills can rise to ridiculous levels

Maybe it’s happened to you: you get a phone call trying to collect a debt you know you don’t owe. If you try to convince the collector that you don’t owe the debt or even that you aren’t the person they are trying to reach, it is usually to no avail. Even though there are laws against this type of harassment, people on the wrong end of creditors’ calls don’t often enforce them, either because they aren’t aware of them or they think it is too much trouble.

Can I use bankruptcy to clear away student debt?

Students across Pennsylvania often gain more than a diploma when they graduate from college — they also gain a sizeable student debt. Some are able to find great jobs right out of school and are therefore able to pay back their student loans with reasonable ease. Others, however, may find they feel like they are drowning in debt. While it is rare, student loans can sometimes be partially or completely discharged through bankruptcy.

Your debt relief solution needs an individualized approach

You can find yourself in financial difficulty for any number of reasons, for example, the loss of a job, a business failure, a serious illness or injury that leads to overwhelming medical costs, and more. Just as your reasons for getting into an unmanageable debt situation are unique to your circumstances, there are specific considerations that you will need to consider when deciding how to cope with such financial concerns.

Debt relief of student loans in state of confusion

Over the last six months, the Department of Education and the Obama administration have attempted to create a web-based portal for those with student loan debt to help them better manage their loans and make complaints against servicers. But at this point the portal only gives general advice about managing your student loan debt. Due to the inadequacy of the portal, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has launched its own initiative.

Company seeks debt reorganization in Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Pennsylvania residents may be interested in the financial difficulties of one energy company and how they are seeking to resolve the issues. Like many who are in need of debt relief, they have turned to bankruptcy as the solution to their problems.

Options after a discharged debt

Pennsylvania residents considering or undergoing a bankruptcy might wonder how a discharged debt might affect their lives. There might be concerns about how a discharged debt might affect the debtor's employment or if a debtor can or must pay back a discharged debt.

Options to consider before filing for bankruptcy

Pennsylvania residents may not have heard about the recent recommendations from the Federal Trade Commission about ads in newspapers, telephone directories and magazines discussing the consolidation of debt. According to the FTC, consumer debt is at an all-time high and individuals should use caution when a seemingly quick fix is offered in a publication. Many companies offer the assurance of debt relief; however, often the bankruptcy option is recommended, which can cause a long-term negative impact on a person's credit history and stays on a credit report for 10 years. This can result in difficulty being able to get insurance, housing, credit and even a job for years to come.

Options for corporate bankruptcy

Pennsylvania businesses considering filing for business bankruptcy often have concerns regarding what will happen to the business if they choose to file for bankruptcy. The outcome of the bankruptcy will depend on the chapter under which the business files its bankruptcy.

How does a debtor obtain a discharge of debts in a bankruptcy?

Pennsylvania residents who are faced with overwhelming consumer or medical debt may sometimes consider filing for bankruptcy as a method of obtaining some relief from these obligations. The ultimate goal is to obtain a discharge from the bankruptcy court, as the effect of a discharge releases the filer from personal liability from some of these debts. The affected creditors are also prohibited from further communications with the debtor and from instituting or continuing any form of collection activity with respect to those obligations.

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