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August 2019 Archives

Getting back on track after Chapter 7 bankruptcy

For those in Pittsburgh who are experiencing financial trouble and are considering bankruptcy, their concerns go beyond the process of bankruptcy itself. Their worries extend to what happens after they have filed. This is true whether it is a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. When considering how to get back into a better financial situation after the bankruptcy filing has been completed and approved by the court, it is wise to know the fundamental ways to rebound.

Can filing for bankruptcy help me with my IRS tax debt?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can spark fear in a person just by sending a letter or making any type of contact about IRS tax debt. Pittsburgh residents who are dealing with this issue and are told they owe payments on their taxes will be worried about what the future holds. This is compounded if they are already having financial problems and cannot make their payments for credit cards, mortgages, automobiles and more. Fortunately, bankruptcy can help with tax debt.

Plan to take control of your financial future

Many adults don't ever take the time to sit down and review their bills. When you do, you might realize that you are in more debt than you originally thought. The issue with many forms of credit is that people can get stuck paying for only the minimum payments. On accounts that are accruing interest, you might not notice much headway in the balance reduction if you are only paying for the bare minimum each month.

Credit card debt worse than student loans for Millennials

Pennsylvanians will be at an immediate disadvantage when they graduate from college with substantial student loan debt. This can affect every decision they make from where to live, what job they should take, whether they should get married or not and more. Credit card debt is also a problem for many as they frequently need to use credit cards to purchase necessities when they are short on cash. This leads to a rising tide of debt. For those who think student loan debt is worse than credit card debt, new information is contradicting that narrative.

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