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April 2019 Archives

New strategies could be used to try to collect credit card debt

Pittsburgh residents who are in debt and behind on their credit card payments will undoubtedly be accustomed to the constant calls and letters they receive reminding them of what they owe. While there are protections in place to keep debt collectors from being overly aggressive and making harassing contact, they still push the envelope as far as they can while staying close to within the lines of the law. Those who are facing these issues often don't know where to turn.

How can you live through a bankruptcy filing?

Financial hardships are a normal part of adulthood for many people. When these become overwhelming, you might decide to file for bankruptcy to seek some financial relief. This isn't an easy way out of the debt that is crushing you, but it is often the best option available in Allegheny County.

Seek immediate legal assistance to stop mortgage foreclosure

One of the most common concerns for Pittsburgh residents who are experiencing financial trouble is losing their home. Being informed that a mortgage foreclosure is imminent or is already in progress can be a frightening experience. Fortunately, there are options for people who are confronted by this difficult reality. Before overreacting or panicking, it is wise to think about the legal remedies that are available to retain one's home. Calling for advice immediately is key to taking advantage of those alternatives.

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