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January 2014 Archives

Debt management dangers for Pennsylvania consumers to avoid

Accumulating a large amount in debt can make it challenging to pay it all off. Losing a job or other unforeseen circumstances can cause people to be overwhelmed with debt. Pennsylvania consumers may wish to better manage their debt by hiring a debt management company. The promises some of these companies make can seem too good to pass up, but those promises may be over-inflated or dishonest.

Consumers may be facing credit card debt after holiday shopping

This is the approximate time of the year when consumers may see accumulating credit card debt after exorbitant holiday shopping. Many Pennsylvania shoppers may just now be seeing the effects of Christmas shopping as higher than normal credit card bills begin to come. Consumers facing credit card debt may be overwhelmed and trapped, but there are often options to regain control of a financial situation.

Bankruptcy can be a turn-around for Pennsylvania consumers

Believe it or not, millionaires have ended up drowning in debt. Even though, to the outside world, they are seemingly successful, their debt sometimes far outweighs the amount they have in assets. Many Pennsylvania consumers have viewed bankruptcy as the worst thing they could ever do, but on the contrary, it can lead individuals to recover from their financial situation. One man, who was an owner of an independent film company, did just that and received his second chance.

Goals can help Pennsylvania consumers manage credit card debt

Making resolutions is a typical part of the New Year for many Pennsylvania residents. If one of those resolutions includes getting a handle on debt, there are some ways to accomplish that. Currently, the average household in the United States carries around $6,700 in credit card debt, and signs show that collectively, Americans are continuing similar spending habits that they had before the recession. The start of 2014 may be a good time for consumers to get bad spending habits under control and pay down what they owe.

Debt management tips and strategies

For many Pennsylvania families, high levels of debt can feel overwhelming. Faced with an unmanageable combined debt payment each month, it can be difficult to even make ends meet, much less set aside funds for future goals. While excessive debt loads can pose a challenge, there are methods available that can ease a family's financial crunch, and make a debt-free future an attainable goal. The following debt management tips are offered as a demonstration of just a few of the possible paths toward reaching that goal.

Why it's nearly impossible to discharge student loan debt

By now, most Pittsburgh residents have heard the scary statistics about student loan debt, and the threat it poses not just to the government, but to the people who are indebted to their student loan lenders. The total amount of student loan debt in the United States is roughly $1 trillion, which makes it the highest source of debt in the country.

Not so 'Lucky Man' Eddie Montgomery files for Chapter 7

Most people assume that the only people exempt from the fear of going bankrupt are celebrities. It’s hard not to think that way considering the millions of dollars high-asset people bring in every day. But when mounting debts become larger than assets coming in, the prospect of bankruptcy becomes just as real for them as it would for anyone living here in Pennsylvania.

The post-holiday credit card scare: what to do now that it's 2014

A few weeks ago, we wrote about the credit card dangers that loom over the holiday season. To be fair, the risks of credit card use are always there -- but they are amplified around the holiday season. There is pressure to get the perfect gift for your loved ones and family members, and you have to have it now. A credit card makes it easy to fulfill this notion, as consumers whip out their credit cards and swipe away without fully thinking through how all these holiday purchases are going to affect them in a few weeks.

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