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Are you trying to seek mortgage modification in order to lower your payments? Do you also have other outstanding bills? Did you know the bank does not like to approve loan modifications for people with high debt to income ratios?

If you are faced with this situation, you do have options to help you stop foreclosure, save your home and get your debt under control. The Pittsburgh mortgage modification lawyer at Bryan P. Keenan & Associates is here to help you achieve these goals.

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Banks are already dealing with a massive number of foreclosures. Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy will immediately stop the sale from going forward. More importantly, the bank will need court permission to continue with the foreclosure process if you are not paying your mortgage payments.

Our experienced and knowledgeable Pittsburgh mortgage modification lawyer can explain to you how Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 may help you save your property or at least postpone the foreclosure sale so that you can look at all other possible options. In Chapter 13, it is also possible to "strip down" or remove your second mortgage if the current market value is below the amount of the first mortgage.

Eliminating or at least consolidating your debts may also help improve your debt-income ratio. We can help you find options to accomplish this by conducting a full analysis of your finances. Once we lower your ratio, your lender may consider these recent actions you have taken when considering your application for a loan modification.

We will also make sure to highlight the factors your lender will want to consider. For instance, proving regular and stable employment helps. Likewise, explaining that whatever caused the financial hardship to begin with is now behind you and that you will be able to afford the new mortgage payment once your loan is modified are also key components to having a modification application approved.

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