I am Being Sued – Now What?

If a creditor has sued you, you need to act quickly because you only have 30 days to respond once you have been served to file an answer to the lawsuit. Your first step should be to seek out an experienced attorney who can help you take control of the situation and figure out your next steps.

At the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, law firm of Bryan P. Keenan & Associates, we know how to react quickly. We will explain all your options and help you make informed decisions to protect your assets and financial future.

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If you do not respond within the allotted time and a judgment is entered on the lawsuit, your bank accounts may be levied which means that any money in the account or deposited within 20 days from the date of the levy shall be turned over to the creditor who has sued you. A sheriff can also levy personal property and sell your personal property to recover money on behalf of the judgment creditor. A judgment may be valid for up to 10 years.

However, it is important to note that in Pennsylvania, marital accounts cannot be accessed to satisfy these debts unless the judgment is entered against both spouses named as pa. If a home is titled in the names of both the husband and wife, a judgment filed against both shall become a lien on any real estate owned by both spouses

If you come to us before this judgment is entered, we can diligently work to prevent these consequences. Our thorough and fast-acting lawyer will analyze your unique situation and help you determine the best option to move forward. This may include:

One benefit of filing for bankruptcy is that this legal process is designed to protect the marital home. Another reason to consider bankruptcy is there are ways to eliminate debt and achieve a much-needed fresh, financial start. We can help you achieve this, providing personal attention along the way so you never feel alone.

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