What Will My Life Look Like After Exiting Bankruptcy?

When people seek advice about bankruptcy, they are usually quite distressed. They may be facing the loss of their home and creditor harassment. Frequently, these financial problems have spilled over into their personal lives and caused problems with their health or disruption of their family relationships. These people are suffering from anxiety about their future.

Imagine a life without the burden of staggering debt. Would you sleep better at night? Have more time and energy to focus on the positives in your life? Find a renewed sense of hope and purpose? Let the experienced bankruptcy attorneys at Bryan P. Keenan & Associates, P.C., help you start anew.

It Is Better To Address Rather Than Ignore Your Debt

There is no disgrace in seeking help for financial problems. It is far better to address these issues and solve these problems now rather than ignoring them and allowing the situation to become worse. Our financial system is based on the concept of risk. People are encouraged to incur debt to finance business ventures or the purchase of goods and services associated with the "good life." Unfortunately, not all risks work out for the best. Consequently, the Constitution gives people the right to seek relief through bankruptcy if they are unable to repay their debts.

A Fresh Start

A person's financial future is usually far better after filing for bankruptcy. Certainly, there are some downsides to filing. Your credit score may flag, but if you were drowning in debt, it's likely your score has already suffered. Once your bankruptcy is discharged, you can work to rebuild your credit. Individuals who are starting fresh with no debt usually do quite well; however, what a person does with that fresh start is completely up to him or her.

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