Bankruptcy Is Still An Option

Within the past few years, major changes were made to the bankruptcy laws. Myths started to spread about how these new laws prevented people from filing bankruptcy. At the law firm of Bryan P. Keenan & Associates, P.C., we are committed to cutting through the myths and providing you with the truth:

You can still file bankruptcy.

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Our law firm is dedicated to helping people in Pittsburgh and the surrounding parts of Pennsylvania understand the changes to the bankruptcy laws. Essentially, there are two critical issues:

  • Not everyone can simply choose between filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy and filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy.
  • Everyone must receive budget and credit counseling from an approved credit agency prior to filing bankruptcy.

The first change usually only impacts people with high incomes. The new bankruptcy law outlines who is eligible for each type of bankruptcy, depending on income level.

The second change affects everyone. You must speak with a credit counseling agency. Many of these agencies offer debt management plans and frequently suggest them as alternatives to bankruptcy, whether or not the plans truly make sense. Furthermore, these plans do not have the legal strength of a bankruptcy order and can lead to complications further down the line.

While credit counseling is required prior to filing bankruptcy, it is important to know that you can enlist a lawyer at the same time. We can work with you to make certain that the counseling agency does not pressure you into a debt management plan or other option that is not in line with your best interests.

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