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Remain vigilant about avoiding debt relief scams

When you pause to consider the growing problem of insurmountable debt in America, you are probably not surprised that so many people want help. Unfortunately, they often look for this help in the wrong places. We have discussed debt relief scams on our blog in the past, but we feel it is important to remind the public about these scams from time to time.

When Pennsylvania citizens are drowning in debt, they become extremely vulnerable to outside influences. They know they need help, and they need it as fast as possible. This makes people susceptible to believing in arrangements that may otherwise sound too good to be true. The United States Department of Justice recognizes the urgency those mired in debt feel. In 2012, the Justice Department released a blog post detailing the danger of falling for debt relief and management scams.

The Justice Department along with its investigative partners is working hard to prosecute these fraudulent companies. While this is great news and should help reduce the volume of people who fall prey to scams, it does not help those in debt overcome their financial problems. The question of what to do about debt still remains for many Pennsylvania residents.

If you are one of these residents, you probably already know that bankruptcy is an effective way to find debt relief. Whether you look at bankruptcy as a last resort or your first choice, it is important that you learn about the process before you take any action. The truth is, there is a lot to learn not just about the bankruptcy process, but about the different types of bankruptcy.

When avoiding scams and finding relief is your top priorities, we urge you to seek professional guidance. You can find additional information about these topics on our comprehensive legal website.

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