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Don't let the stigma of bankruptcy interfere with a fresh start

For more than a century, financial hardships have had a significant impact on the American way of life. At one time, the stigma associated with the inability to pay debt resulted in public shame and humiliation. For example, during America's colonial period, the hair or even the ears of debtors were cut off to show the community that these people were not to be trusted. While physical markings have fortunately been abandoned, bankruptcy stigma still exists both for debtors and the public as a whole.

Congress has noted the social stigma of bankruptcy over the years and has responded in a number of ways. Debtor's prisons no longer exist, and some lawmakers have recognized that misfortune rather than dishonesty plays a significant role in the number of personal bankruptcy filings. However, the once-prominent debtor stigma has taken its toll. Even in these more modern and enlightened times, many still seek to hide their financial troubles away from the spotlight, as they do not want other people to know when they are unable to repay their debts.

Unfortunately, an important and often devastating by-product of the debtor stigma that still lingers is that consumers may put off seeking help with debt. Personal bankruptcy is usually a last resort. As bankruptcy attorneys, we want to help Pennsylvania residents overcome any stigma they may feel still surrounds bankruptcy filings. Our lawyers offer assistance without adding to burdens, and provide solutions without passing judgment.

If you need a fresh financial start, there are several options that may meet your needs. We invite you to visit our website to learn how personal bankruptcy works.

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