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What should I do if I'm being sued for credit card debt?

To many Pennsylvania citizens like you, a creditor-initiated lawsuit can feel like the end of the world. If you have never faced any kind of legal proceeding before, it can also be very frightening. You have no idea what is going to happen and you may not know where to turn for help. Asking questions is an excellent idea and the sooner the better.

Every case is different, but in general there are a few steps every person being sued by a creditor should take. Even if you do owe debt, you have every right to protect yourself in any lawsuit that targets you. Use the steps outlined below to regain your confidence, dispel your fears and initiate a proactive response to your lawsuit.

1. Do not ignore the situation because you cannot wish it away.

2. Read over the documentation very carefully noting details about the debt as well as your court date.

3. Many creditors lack hard evidence so politely request in writing that your creditor provides proof of the debt in court.

4. Seek legal representation or advice as quickly as possible, especially if you are disputing that you owe the debt.

5. Gather up any documentation you have regarding the alleged debt such as bills, payment receipts or cancelled checks.

6. Do not rule out filing for bankruptcy as a possible solution.

Debt-related lawsuits are complicated but you do not have to face your ordeal alone. You should also understand that filing bankruptcy with help from a Pittsburgh-based attorney can stop the legal action in its tracks. This is a particularly good solution if you are truly overwhelmed by a large amount of debt.

Source: Credit Card Guide, "6 steps to take if you are sued by a collector," Allie Johnson, accessed May 09, 2016

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