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Avoid debt management companies and retain legal counsel

Those debt management company commercials can really sound like an awesome opportunity, can't they? Just give your information to someone else, let them organize everything for you. All you have to do is pay one bill each month, and eventually, you will be debt free, right? Unfortunately, dealing with a debt management company is not always such a wonderful experience and Pennsylvania residents need to be very careful of the so-called debt management "opportunities" they see advertised.

The fact is, a lot of debt management firms are nothing more than telemarketing schemes that prey on people who are suffering in their darkest days of debt. Even the legitimate debt management firms are not really very much help when you look at what they do for you compared to what you can do for yourself.

Before talking with a credit management company, Pennsylvania borrowers may want to speak with a qualified bankruptcy lawyer to discuss the options available to them. An attorney will give the best advice possible to his or her client, and steer his client on the most suitable course of action that serves the best interests of the client. To have an attorney who knows the laws that apply to debt on your team is invaluable -- especially when it seems like every creditor from here to the other side of the country is banging on your door asking for money.

At Bryan P. Keenan & Associates, we take our clients by the hand and guide them through their darkest days of debt into the light of financial freedom. We do not leave our clients' sides until we have done everything possible to steer them on the proper course. In fact, we will even guide you on your first few steps toward financial freedom completely free of charge in a no-cost, no-obligation, first-time debt consultation.

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