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Stress from debt can cause medical conditions

There are many financial reasons to look into debt relief options, but you may also be interested to know that debt can cause physical medical issues, as well. The reason why is that excessive debt often causes a lot of stress, and people internalize stress differently. For some, it leads to these medical conditions.

For example, one man always felt like he was doing well when it came to money, but the downturn in the economy ate into his retirement savings. He and his wife ended up losing half of the money that they'd worked so hard to earn.

The man said he became a prisoner to his finances. He was always thinking about money. It started to impact the way that he lived; for example, he was always concerned that, if he bought the things he needed—like gas for the car—he wouldn't be able to get the things he wanted, like a birthday present for his spouse.

When this began happening, he started worrying constantly. Every little decision became huge. His wife was also pregnant, so he knew he was going to have even more expenses down the road.

Then, though he was only 37 years old, the man had a heart attack. He did not have any risk factors, like smoking, and there had not been any warning signs prior to the attack. His doctor said that his stress was to blame.

This story illustrates just how important it is to have a handle on your finances. If you're facing massive debt and it's causing stress, look into all of the debt relief options you have in Pennsylvania.

Source: WebMD, "The Debt-Stress Connection," Jennifer Soong, accessed March 28, 2016

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