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December 2015 Archives

Tips for managing credit card debt

Every day, more and more Americans who are living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania find that they have fallen deep into credit card debt. On the other end of the spectrum, even more are accomplishing the task of climbing out of the hole that was created by their debts. Would you like to be in the latter group? Here are some debt management tips to help you to overcome your credit card debts.

Car repossession: how it works in Pennsylvania

One way that individuals can get into financial trouble is when their car payments under a retail installment sales contract become too much to handle in light of the other monthly bills that need attention. A common recourse for the lender on an auto loan is to repossess the vehicle; but how is that done?

What are the long-term effects of bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy can be hard to understand on several levels. There is the legal aspect to federal bankruptcy law, which is complex for non-attorneys to follow; there is also the question of -- other than elimination of some debts through discharge -- what its real impact is on the lives of those who experience it. Some studies suggest, though, that you should think carefully about the long-term consequences of bankruptcy before you elect to use it as a remedy.

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