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Helping Pittsburgh consumers to achieve a fresh financial start

For the Allegheny County homeowner trying to stop foreclosure or the married couple whose high-interest-rate credit card debt has them looking desperately for a solution to their financial challenges, Chapter 13 bankruptcy might offer a solution. Financial challenges are usually accompanied by creditor harassment which makes the situation even more desperate.

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the best solution for someone whose business ownership or other assets might be at risk of being sold for the payment of creditors as might happen in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. At the law offices of Bryan P. Keenan & Associates, PC, we take the time to explore your current financial situation with you to formulate a strategy designed to obtain a fresh financial start for you.

Filing for bankruptcy permits you to retain your assets, reduce debt and secure a fresh financial start. Depending upon your income, a plan is developed to provide you with manageable monthly payments to repay some of your debt while being granted relief from the debts that you do not repay.

Stopping foreclosure and the creditor harassment is achieved through an automatic stay of all collection efforts against you. The stay is a court order from the bankruptcy court that is granted on filing of the Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Each person, and the financial challenges he or she faces, is unique. At Bryan P. Keenan & Associates, PC, we do not believe in a cookie cutter approach to solving financial problems. We spend the time with you to get to know you and the issues you are facing. If Chapter 13 is not the right solution for you, we find one that is a comfortable fit and does the job for you.

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