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Bankruptcy may help individuals and business owners

People naturally have a desire to succeed financially, whether they are focused on building their businesses or simply building their households. That’s why facing extensive debt can be disheartening and make an individual feel frustrated. Filing for bankruptcy is often a responsible way of handling this unmanageable debt, in Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

It’s worth noting that business owners face unique challenges when deciding to file for bankruptcy, as their decision not only impacts them but also impacts the people who are working for them. This is why it’s wise to talk to other people who may provide emotional support during this challenging time. Business owners and individuals who are going through bankruptcy may choose to talk to experienced mental health professionals.

These individuals might also choose to simply talk to friends and family if they can’t afford a mental health professional. Some people naturally prefer not to disclose their feelings to family and friends during the bankruptcy process for fear of making their loved ones worry about them. However, not opening up about how one feels can often end up making an individual feel worse.

Getting into financial trouble and not being able to stay afloat due to large amounts of debt may be humiliating and burdensome. The bankruptcy process is designed to remove this burden from struggling consumers and business owners and thus help them to become fiscally free again. Individuals essentially get another chance to lead financially stable and productive lives in Pennsylvania, and business owners get the chance to seek out other potentially successful career opportunities.

Source: Forbes, "4 Tips For Coping With The Emotional Cost Of Bankruptcy", Joe Apfelbaum, Aug. 21, 2014

Source: Forbes, "4 Tips For Coping With The Emotional Cost Of Bankruptcy", Joe Apfelbaum, Aug. 21, 2014

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