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Credit card debt striking many consumers in Pennsylvania, nation

Life can be filled with many blessings, ranging from a wonderful family to dependable friends or even an enjoyable job. However, if a person feels overwhelmed with debt, he or she may still feel helpless since he or she is unable to climb out of the financial hole in Pennsylvania. When a person's finances are not in order, he or she may feel restless, especially if the threat of experiencing wage garnishment is around the corner due to credit card debt or other types of debt. Debt, unfortunately, plagues a large number of households in America.

The average American has incurred a whopping $225,000 in debt. In fact, more than $15,000 can be attributed to credit cards on average. This is a problem because the median household income in the United States is only slightly above $53,000.

Credit card access makes it relatively easy to purchase items, but failing to pay off credit cards can affect a person's ability to qualify for other loans, such as a home mortgage. Debt can quickly build up due to small purchases made regularly coupled with interest. Being in debt can damage one's self-confidence and cause frustration if the collectors won't stop calling.

Freeing oneself from the hold that credit card debt can have on a person may be difficult. In fact, it may even seem impossible at times. However, personal bankruptcy is one option that enables a person to get rid of such debt and thus have a new lease on his or her financial life in Pennsylvania.

Source: ABC News, Debt: The 4-Letter Word That Can Ruin Your Credit, Adam Levin, March 2, 2014

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