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Consumers may be facing credit card debt after holiday shopping

This is the approximate time of the year when consumers may see accumulating credit card debt after exorbitant holiday shopping. Many Pennsylvania shoppers may just now be seeing the effects of Christmas shopping as higher than normal credit card bills begin to come. Consumers facing credit card debt may be overwhelmed and trapped, but there are often options to regain control of a financial situation.

It is estimated that shoppers across the country spent more in 2013 than in the previous year. This means that some Pennsylvania readers may be wondering how they will pay credit card bills since it has been more than a month since the original purchase. However, there are ways to get help for holiday debt, including seeking the services of a credit counseling service. Many people reach out to these types of services during the months of January or February as the holiday credit card bills are mailed out.

Some of the ways that consumers can manage debt include paying more than the minimum monthly payment and not waiting to pay bills as they come in. Other suggestions for managing unexpected debt may include selling unwanted physical items, maintaining a strict budget and a bill payment schedule. It can also mean avoiding spending more money until the debt is paid off.

When holiday shoppers find themselves grieving their purchases more than a month later, it can bring serious financial consequences. By managing credit card debt well, consumers can avoid other financial issues, such as more debt. Careful planning and saving can sometimes help customers avoid the same credit card pitfalls as experienced the year before. When there seems to be no way out, however, many find total debt freedom by filing for bankruptcy and wiping the slate clean.

Source:, Holiday credit card bills coming due, Jill Whalen, Jan. 20, 2014

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